Setting you up with a demonstration is super easy. We'll give you access to the demonstration version of the platform where you can have a click around and explore all our College Platform has to offer.

Powerful Communication


Cutting edge Technology

The college platform is built on the latest most exciting technologies.

Designed professionally, and developed by the industry's leading software engineers, our product gives all users, residents or admin, a powerhouse of performance wrapped in a gorgeous design


Single Avenue for All Your College Information

Armed with your dedicated mobile application, available on iOS and android, your residents will know exactly where to go for any questions they have and all the information they need.

Your logo, your brand, your colour scheme.


Clear, Unambiguous Communication

Have your communication to your residents be received load and clear.

Long gone are the days of competing for attention on social media, and having your emails be lost in the stream of incoming noise.

Platform Features


Get to know residents better

The residents' registration process on iOS and android, has been designed to showcase all you college programs, and makes it very easy to capture what your residents are interested in.

Communicate all your College "need to know"s

  • Home screen news feed
  • College events
  • Important contacts
  • General information

The College Platform also provides powerful analytics so you can view user activity and interaction.


Powerful Targeting

Through the admin site, your college has the ability to group residents into "targets".

You can then send targeted content to specific groups, and that content will only be visible to members of that group.

This unique features allows you to create a personalised experience unique to each resident.



We add all your affiliated University's units to your instance of the platform.

Each of these units has a dedicated discussion area within the application where residents

  • Discover
  • Connect
  • and Experience

university together through your college

Platform Administration


The Administration Web Application

Your College administration team will have access to the admin website, which is the engine that powers the residents' mobile applications.

Take complete control over the content your residents experience. Create news feed posts, events and contacts, and schedule notifications to build your unique college experience


Less Operational Overhead

Maintaining online content in multiple location on the internet is a challenging and time consuming effort Colleges have to deal with.

Our College Platform has solved this problem. We are able to integrate with social media platforms, and most website content providers, so you input the content once, and push it through our platform to all your other outlets.


The Setup Process

We create your own instance of the backend, iOS, android and web applications, and provide them to your community.

The minimum information we need to get started is your residents' emails and names. Thats it!

Depending on your college's unique requirements, we can attach more information and functionality to the platform.

Here is an article about the Platform:

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